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I love the idea of being that glamorous lady who looks amazing in mascara and red lipstick, but I've never been able to pull it off. Generally, a bright red lipstick turns me into (1) a female version of the Joker or (2) any villain in any vampire movie. But when I went to Walmart to buy extra earring backs, somehow I came home with a true red lip color in hand. Maybe the Valentine's Day vibe got to me, but I took a chance on Maybelline's Made for All Red — which is supposed to flatter any complexion. It's not bad as far as reds go (it definitely doesn't turn orange like most of them do), but I think I need to reserve this one for formal, evening activities. I feel like I might blind someone in the daytime. ? ? #redlipstick #redlips #budgetbeauty #budgetlipstick #budgetfashionista #beautyonabudget #lipstick #maybelline #midwestblogger #stlbloggers

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